Thematic Symposia

We will organise specific thematic symposia for the following subtopics in cooperation with partner organisations:

Swiss Sport Research and Globalisation
(in cooperation with the Research Committee Sociology of Sport of the Swiss Sociological Association)
Speakers: Raffaele Poli (Abstract) and Hanspeter Stamm (Abstract)

Sport and Migration
(in cooperation with the Section of Sport Sociology, German Society of Sport Science)
Speakers: Bernd Broskamp (Abstract) and Gertrud Pfister (Abstract)

Challenges of Sport Participation Research
(in cooperation with the Meeting for European Sport Participation and Sport Culture Research)
Speakers: Koen Breedveld, Remco Hoekman and Jeroen Scheerder (Abstract)

Body, Gender and Ethnicity
(in cooperation with European Sociological Association Research Network 28 “Society and Sports”)
Speakers: Toni Bruce (Abstract) and Haifa Tlili (Abstract)